Boy Meets World
#5.20 "Starry Night"
Original Airdate: 04-03-1998 ABC

Jonathan guest-stars as Ricky Ferris

A once in a lifetime Van Gogh retrospective makes Cory blue: he stood in line all night to get tickets for himself and Topanga, but she has gone with Angela instead - and met a terrific, intelligent and sensitive guy, Ricky, who claims she has already changed his life once (by beating him in softball and convincing him to give up sports for art), spends all day with her looking at Van Gogh's "Starry Night," and demands a dinner date with her. Cory remains adamant that he will love Topanga forever and that kissing Lauren meant nothing to him. Topanga can't bring herself to believe him until Ricky kisses her - and she rushes to tell Cory that it meant nothing to her and that she still loves him. 

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"You changed my life forever when I was about 6 years old" [wmv | 8.85MB | 3:29min]

"You're gonna kiss me now, aren't you?" [wmv | 4.72MB | 1:52min]

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