The Fenix Underground, Seattle, WA
27 april 2005
[reported by J.]

I saw Enation on 4/28/05 in Seattle at the Fenix Underground.
The doors were to open at 8pm and show started around 9:30pm.

I had flown in from Atlanta. Got there about 12noon after getting up at 4am. I decided to get there early in hopes to get a glimpse of the guys before the show. The Fenix did have a very limited menu of some nibbles and I was starving. So I decided to eat there. I was able to walk right in and ate some tacos. 

Cary Judd walks in and I introduced myself. He tells me that he has to go do sound check. But later he comes back and sits with me at the table to chat. He was very nice. Then a bit later, he brings another person over to meet me--John Stephens. 

By this time, it was getting close to 8pm so I disappeared to the bathroom for a bit. When I came out, there were Jonathan and Richard standing right where I had been this whole time. The excitement was almost too much to bear, but I remained as calm as possible. I went up to them and introduced myself. Told them where I was from. Both of them were very friendly and thanked me for coming so far to watch them perform. I had a present for Jonathan that I went ahead and gave to him. 

Finally it was time to walk in to where they would be on stage. Several people came up to me introducing themselves. They were all somehow connected with Enation---family or friends. All of whom were very nice to me. I was treated like a member of the family. One of the people was Mat who had flown in from NY to see them. Lucky Mat, he was going to watch them play in several cities before going back home. I really was very jealous. 

I got to meet all the family that was present---fathers, wives, girlfriends, brothers, etc, etc. 
After the show, I hung out, got some things signed and pics taken. I wanted to say "thank goodness Jonathan has some hair again---"
I would have loved to name some more people but I couldn't remember all the different names---there were just too many...I forgot Richard's wife name [it's Raquel]...I wanted to mention meeting her and say how nice/friendly they were...and the keyboard player--Mike's dad.....they were all so nice...I was really blown away by their hospitality....

Cary Judd played first, followed by John Stephens and Kristy Thirsk. 

Then it was Enation's turn. To say that their show was full of energy is a real understatement. It was so alive, spirit filled and uplifting. I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to meet them and watch them perform. It is a must see show! Hopefully I will get the chance again sometime down the road. 

I am not sure that I can remember the exact songs that were played. I may have missed one or so...but here is what I think it was.......

Perfect Display
Feel This
The Whole World is Falling Apart
Eyes of Grace
And some other song that I didn't recognize at all--maybe something new.

I got back to the hotel around 5am. Very exhausted and couldn't really think very straight. But well worth it. 

On to the photos:
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