Concert @ The Whisky A Go-Go on April 26, 2002

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Now let's see...well, first things first *lol* - Scarlet River changed their name...again. JONO & THE ROCK! (I think they like releasing debut albums...*lol*). Well, since I already came to LA on April 19th (I needed time to acclimate to the new time - 9 hours difference!) I spent the whole week wisely, going to the GH weekend at Disney's California Adventure, that is *lol* (click for pictures here!), I felt this concert would be the perfect ending to a wonderful vacation!!! Ok, ok - I admit it ;-) - this concert was the sole reason why I was in the US in the first place but I think everything just turned out great!!! I even managed to go see Stephen Nichols in a play again! I have never met him in person but seen him twice in theater already...go figure. *lol* He was great as always!!! But ok, I don't think you want to hear what I did prior to or after the you?

On Friday, April 26th, Norma and I came to (or rather found) The Whisky at about 7:30pm and a few people were already lining up (*waving* Hi Brandy, Tracy, Donna, Shirleen, and all you others I cannot name...!!!) When I was about to greet someone I was tapped on my shoulders - Jeanine!!! She and Maria were selling Glory Come Undone - the new CD by now Jono & The Rock! I got one for me and Katharina - Maria also was giving out very cute bookmarks of Tuck Everlasting - OMG!!! I mean I knew he was going to look gorgeous in that movie but - whoa!!!! *LOL*

In the meantime the Whisky staff changed their billboard above the door from Scarlett River (I know that's wrong but it was how they had spelled it...) to Jono And The Rock. At about 8pm they finally let us in. It was really small inside but I like small venues - they're more intimate and you get way more into the music / the band! We positioned ourselves in the first row slightly right to the stage (I don't like to stand right in front of the singers - especially not when I like to take pictures - way too obvious *lol*). At 8pm sharp the first band started to play - Jellygun. They were filling for someone else because they had cancelled. Even though the singer, Morag, was a little overdressed her voice was very good - I totally liked the songs!!! (After the concert we met her and her guitarist, Todd, - they started to talk to us because they recognized us from the first row :-) ) If you'd like to check out a few of their songs go to their website.

Right before they finished I saw Jim Warren in the audience taking pictures - great so that meant we could take pictures as well!!! Good. Very good! ;-) So everyone was waiting for Jono & The Rock...and down they came!!! Jonathan, Richard, Dan, Amber and Rick!!! OMG - they looked great - though I still think Jonathan should cut his hair, it's way too long for my liking *LOL*... Jonathan was wearing very sexy gray pants, a light greenish long-sleeve shirt which had see-through sleeves and a blackish no-sleeve shirt underneath. Richard looked also very very good! He was wearing black from head to toe, no-sleeve shirt and a black NY Yankees knit hat. I wanted to get their attention when they were going onstage but I "only" succeeded with Richard - I just love the guy :-D - he came over and gave me a hug! They are always so sweet - it's so much more fun when you see that all your efforts as a fan are greeted with gratitude by the stars!!! Thank you guys for always making it an extra special day!!!

They started the concert with - let's call it - "My Hero" - I don't know if it's the correct title...but it was absolutely the most perfect song to kick off their concert! Jonathan was on guitar (later on during Amber's solo he played her bass and she played his guitar), Richard on drums, Dan on guitar and Amber on bass. They totally rocked the house!!! :-) Again I knew the trip was already worth every second of it! Guess you will see me on their next concert *lol*

Since Tracy already posted the song list and other people are way more eloquent in describing Jonathan's music I'm just going to add a few thoughts...the next song - "Nothing Could Keep Me Away From You" wasn't just plain beautiful but also showed Amber's singing talents extremely well! How I like her voice!!! She complements Jonathan's voice so great - up until this point in their musical career I never realized that a female voice was missing *lol* - but now it's like they're "whole" or something like it...can't really explain it any better ;-)

When Jonathan introduced the next song (which was the only song he actually introduced...special reason? *lol*) most of us just had to laugh/were shocked! "Suddenly Naked" - and hey girls, keep your imaginations at bay ;-) *LOL*!!! But this audience favorite is a major kick-a$$ song!!! Definitely charts material if they ever wanted to go "public"!!! It's always fascinating for me as a fan of Jonathan's music that with each new CD I just have to confess it's better than the last! And I was loving those last ones!?! ;-) Even though God Candy holds a special place in my heart (it was my "first") I have to say again that this new album GLORY COME UNDONE is my favorite!!!! (until now, so far *LOL*)

However, the next song completely floored me. I just love "Need" - it has everything a song need ;-) - no pun intended *lol*. Go watch the clip on their official page or get the CD and you'll know what I mean. During the next song - "Do You Remember" (not sure if this is the title) the most amazing thing happened -Jonathan recognized me, smiled his incredible smile and actually waved at me!!!! *OMG* But if that didn't make me faint his next move sure would have. After "Need" Dan took over the stage and played his solo and as much as I would like to remember it any better...I just can't ;-). Because just as Jonathan had put down his guitar he came to the edge of the stage and hugged me!!!! *OMG* Thank you, Jonathan - this means the world to me!!! After that I wasn't quite the same ;-) - that's why I don't have that many photos...hope you understand *lol*

Anyways, the concert was way too short (but I knew that already before the concert had even started *lol*) they only played 3 more songs - Amber's solo (again, beautiful voice!!!), "The Heart Of The Earth" (again not Richard singing -sorry Dan), and a song I call "I Want to Dance" and then it was over...and the weirdest thing happened: the band had to clear the stage pretty fast and Jonathan came to me and asked me if I could hold on to his cookies... Huh? No seriously *LOL*. He even said that he really needed them back :-) ! So the guy is eating! ;-) So while I was holding on to his cookies the band was rushed out through the side door where Rick and pastor Mike were waiting with their trucks to get the equipment that started piling up on the sidewalk. And during all that Jonathan & Richard had to do the autograph and picture-taking thing! Amazing how they pull that off without being annoyed for a second :-) !

On our way outside we met Lisa (we didn't know yet her reason of being there...) - she looked awesome. It seemed like she remembered us from last year's Gospel Hour...or she just greeted everyone like this...or she just knew who I was *g*. Anyway, I started to call Katharina back home (unfortunately she couldn't come along this time) - it was about 6:30am over there (on a Saturday!). Richard was getting his drum set ready and I asked him if he had a second - he grinned and said, "for you always", so I gave him my cell and he talked to Katharina :-) - while I was getting my CD booklet autographed by Dan. As Richard was done I tried to get to Jonathan and succeeded when he came around the grab his cookies!!! I asked him if he would like to talk to Katharina back home in Germany - he took the cell and while he was talking he helped the others to load the trucks. (When someone tried to get his attention I think Jeanine said "wait he's talking to someone" - at that moment it really sounded important *lol* -guess it's one of those you-had-to-be-there moments...). Anyways, my cell phone is now one of my most precious objects I have *huge smile* (even Chad Brannon talked on that cell to Katharina!!!).

After that I was just trying to get organized with all the stuff I was holding in my hands (gifts, CDs, pen, etc...) so I retreated to the background and watched what happened. Just at that moment I got a message from Kat's older sister with whom I regularly go to sneak previews (screenings of movies that haven't been released yet in Germany) each Friday night - she sent the name of the movie they showed that night: ON THE EDGE!!!! Can you believe it???? I certainly can't. Of all Fridays they had to show this on the one Friday I'm not only absent but actually meeting one of its stars!?!?! *LOL*. When I was talking to Jeanine later on I mentioned that to her - I just had to, it was too funny! I also asked Jeanine if she knew anything about True Rights being released on video anytime soon...well, she thinks that they are in the process of doing so / thinking about it!!! YAY! That's some good news!!!

At one point Jim Warren asked Jonathan and the rest of the gang to pose for a few pics on the other side of the street so he could get the Whisky-Billboard on the photo. Jon and Lisa were the first to be over there and Jim got pictures of the two. Then of the Jackson family (Rick, Jeanine, Jonathan & Richard) and Lisa with her Mom. When they were finally done Jonathan and Lisa were crossing the streets holding hands (*omg* that looked sooo cute!!!!) and when they reached the other side (= our side) he pulled her arms around his waist so she hugged him from behind (did someone say "cute couple"??? *lol*) I guess I just stared and smiled at them because they were approaching me! Next thing I know Jonathan seriously asked me "have we already given you the ultimate amount of attention yet or do you need anything? pictures? autographs? etc" - I was completely stunned - this was something I never expected Jonathan would ever say *lol*. But somehow I kept my cool (yeah right - *g*) and managed to say that I still needed his autograph on my CD and maybe a photo with him?

While he was signing my CD he said something that for some reason totally confused/irritated/surprised me: "We heard what happened in Germany today. We're so sorry." Why I was so surprised was that I didn't figure a movie/music star actually watched the news on a day of a performance. Great to see that celebrities really ARE normal people *LOL*. Okay, so what happened in Germany, you might ask. (I was kinda glad my dad had told me about that on the phone earlier - otherwise I would have drawn a complete blank at that comment) A 19-year old student from Erfurt run amok at his school's graduation party and killed 14 teachers, 2 students and then himself. The whole country was shocked at least for a week. What I never realized until way later - that was the same school I had been visiting on a school trip in 11th grade! Pretty scary - that hits home way too close.

Back to more enjoyable events! When Jonathan posed with me for a picture he hold on to me and suggested to Norma that she take another photo for safety ;-) - hey, I'll take any chance to hold on to him for any second longer!!! *LOL* Maria then suggested that I should take a picture with the whole band! Pretty cool photo, btw (see below)! So while other fans got their picture taken with the band I also got mine with Jeanine! :-) I also had a chance to ask Richard about his tattoo: it means My Christ, The Shepherd (the first part in Greek, the second in Hebrew) - unfortunately I totally forgot to ask about Jonathan's tattoo, but it's a cross in Hebrew letters. Oh, and yes, they are real! *lol*

After what seemed like an eternity (kinda like reading this report I guess *lol*) I was able to get Jon and Richard together so I could finally give them their new T-Shirts! Though not before I could thank Richard for wearing my first one so often! He was smiling from one ear to the other :-) and said: "well, I really like that t-shirt..." The way they looked now seemed like they knew something was going on, Jonathan even guessed when I mentioned T-Shirt that it was something with different languages (ok, who spilled it? Or did they read about it online???) - anyway they looked very happy :-) - hope they wear them as often as the other one! (see a picture below of what the shirts looked like - I also have a collage of all the different languages)

I also brought them our new EURO coins (from Germany, Italy and Austria & also lucky pennies) - they had mentioned that they were thinking about coming to Europe maybe :-) - hey, don't forget to come to Germany!!!! *lol* Ok, there's now one thing left (well, two but they're connected to each other...kind of...) for me to tell. While we were talking to Jonathan and Richard for so long the "Parking Police" had warned them that they couldn't park on Sunset Blvd. like Mike and Richard started going around the block...various times :-) - after a while Mike even invited visitors to come with him *LOL*!!! So this is how I got the best "goodbye photo" ever - see for yourself, it's the last one down there.

Again THANK YOU, Jonathan, Richard, Amber, Dan, Jeanine, Rick, Lisa and Mike for this concert - it means a lot to us fans!!! Thanks also to everybody who helped me this time and see you all next time!!! :-)

Now enjoy the pictures!